8 man Flag Football Plays

Experience Outweighs Athletics 

A team’s success at flag football hinges on their ability to work together as a team.  While athleticism goes a long way, a team full of star athletes who can’t read each other won’t stand a chance against an experienced bunch of players who can practically predict their teammates’ next three moves.  One of the best ways to bolster your team’s spirit and togetherness is by introducing and expanding on your playbook.  Please consider adopting one of the following 8 man flag football plays at your next practice.

Wide Receiver Screen

The first of the 8 man flag football plays is a simple screen play.  As the play begins, the wide receiver on the left cuts across to the center of the field.  In doing so, he serves as an effective screen for the quarterback to either run the play himself or, if he sees an opening, pass to another player.  All other players on the offensive line do their best to also block the quarterback and keep the center lane open for the running of the play.

Sneak Off 

The next of the 8 man flag football plays that make an excellent addition to any team’s playbook is known as the Sneak Off, an easy misdirection play.  Part of a team’s success at winning football games comes from fooling their opponents, and often the best way to do so is by running a misdirection play. 8 man Flag Football Plays

To begin, the wide receivers on the right side angle towards center field.  One of the receivers runs parallel to the yard line until reaching the deep right corner where he stands and appears to be waiting for the pass.  In the meantime, the quarterback sneaks the ball to the center.  The quarterback runs through the right hand lane as a decoy while the center bolts straight up the field.  The key to pulling off this play is speedy execution and a lightning quick handoff, which will trick your opponent’s defense. 

Sneak Off, Part Two 

Finally we have another misdirection play that is perfect for misleading your opponent’s defensive line.  At the onset of this play, the receivers on both ends angle sharply towards center field.  Additionally, one receiver on the left side stays in deep left to mislead your opponent into thinking the pass will be thrown there.

In the meantime, the quarterback performs a quick handoff to the center that runs straight forward but angles sharply to the right.  Since most of the action will be centered on the receivers and the chaos they’ve created near center field, the center should be able to sneak through the other team’s defense through the hole in the right side.  

Once he has a clear path up the right, he should run as fast he can in an effort to gain as much yardage as possible.  This play is best suited for a smaller, quick-footed center that is good at sneaking through his opponents unnoticed.     


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