Flag Football Warm-Up Drills

Getting the Body Ready to Play 

Before any flag football game or practice, it is necessary to sufficiently warm-up to get the blood flowing and the muscles lubricated and ready to begin.  Have your players run a few laps of the football field before running any flag football warm-up drills.  The cardiovascular warm-up is crucial before proceeding to the stretches, which in turn will prepare the body for the warm-up drills.     

When selecting flag football warm-up drills, look for drills that aren’t too challenging and that can be taught in a matter of minutes.  Make sure to include a variety of drills such as ones that focus on specific areas that need to be stretched, compared with a number of drills that warm up the full body.  Wind sprints can be a great addition to your warm-up regime, especially if players didn’t give a peak performance at their last game.  

Skill-Building in the Early Stages 

Many coaches use warm-up drills to get players practicing their skills.  This drill, which is designed for receivers, is great for the whole team to build their catching confidence.  To begin, divide the team into two groups, with each group standing in lines on opposite sides of the field, with one coach beside each line of players.  The first player in the line assumes the two-point stance and runs half-speed across the field. Flag Football Warm-Up Drills

Once the player has run about 10 yards, the coach throws him the ball in a nice, high arch.  The player catches the ball low, bringing it in towards his stomach, and runs with it to the end of the field, joining the back of the other line.  After players circulate back to their original positions, the drill is run a second time with players making the catch with their hands over the head.  

The Mental Warm-up

Some flag football warm-up drills are more focused on getting the mind into the game thinking state.  For example, try this warm-up drill called Passing Through The Circle.  To begin, have your players arrange themselves in groups of five in circle formations.  The circle should have an approximate diameter of 20 yards.  

To begin the drill, have one player pass the ball to another.  This player must then pass it to a different player than passed it to him.  This player cannot throw it to either of the previous two people who had the ball, and play continues in this manner.  The goal of the game is to pass the ball as quickly as possible without making any mistakes about who is to receive the ball.  

Another great mental warm-up drill is this one we call Elimination.  To begin, have four or more players standing on one knee in a straight line facing the coach.  The coach has a ball which he throws to any player in the style of a basketball chest pass.  Players are to catch the ball or else they are eliminated from the row.  This drill is excellent for improving your players’ reaction times.  

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