Flag Football Defenses

In Defense of a Strong Defense 

While offensive play is where you gain yardage, a good defensive line is equally important in keeping the other team from scoring.  Regardless of the defensive position, there are many fundamentals to keep in mind when trying to keep the other team back.  When coming up with flag football defenses, there are five important things to keep in mind: positioning, attack, neutralize, break out, and chase. 

When preparing your flag football defenses, the first place to start off is your positioning on the field and your players’ stances.  Your players should be standing in the proper stance, with their weight distributed equally between the two feet in order to facilitate quick and powerful movements in any direction.  

Once you’ve got the stance down, make sure your players are effective on the attack.  This means they are able to meet the charge of the opposing team’s offensive blocker.  Your defensive line should be able to successfully neutralize your opponent’s offense with strong defensive blows.  

The next defensive skill crucial to a team’s success is their ability to break out and control or shed the other team’s blockers.  Finally, they must be able to discern the proper path for intercepting the ball carrier, known as the chase. 

Think Quick, Act Quicker  Flag Football Defenses

Regardless of your flag football defenses and techniques, there are some basic fundamentals that are crucial to a team’s success at defending their territory.  Speed and decisiveness are essential to spotting the play and running with it.  If a defensive player spends too much time in trying to figure out what’s going to happen, they will miss the play.  Instead, they must quickly predict the path of the offensive and roll with it.  It’s better to chart a course and stick with it, even if that course ends up being off than just standing around and wasting time trying to figure out a plan.

Rushing the Passer 

While there are a number of different approaches to defense, rushing the passer is one of the most successful flag football defenses, when properly executed.  It is often said in football that a pass defense is only as good as its pass rush, and the skill with which your defensive linesmen rush the passer can make all the difference.  

In order to effectively rush the passer, your defensemen must be able to either fake out or distract the blockers in order to get them out of control.  By throwing the blockers aside, you will permeate their offensive line and get straight to the passer.  At the crucial instant, have one of your players raise their arms high to interrupt the passer’s throw and knock it from its intended path.  

Once your opponents realize they will have a hard time passing they will have to adjust their offensive game to include less passing and more running, which can be easier to intercept and predict, if your defensive line is in tune to what is going on.


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